What to Expect

The Direct Approach

Pinnacle’s recruiters undertake assignments in every industry. Underpinning our success as a generalist executive recruiter is our insistence on conducting a search for every assignment. Our ‘strictly search’ methodology has given us an edge in delivering the best candidates in the shortest possible time.

With Pinnacle’s unique search program, our recruiters objectively focus on both active candidates (those seeking new employment opportunities) and ‘passive’ candidates (individuals with the required skills, experience and attributes but who are not currently looking for alternative employment). While active candidates make themselves visible, ‘passive’ candidates need to be identified, approached directly and invited to explore an opportunity. With 8 in 10 of our successful placements belonging to this passive cohort, we clearly understand the importance of accurate candidate identification and professional & proactive direct approaches.

Stage 1

Meet With Client

  • Collate information on the client including financial information, market position in the industry, short and long term corporate strategy, corporate identity and cultural assessment of the organization
  • Obtain responsibilities of the position, job scope, reporting structure, qualifications required and compensation package
  • Strategize with client on potential target market and companies
  • Develop an assignment profile

Stage 2

Candidate Identification and Assesment

  • In-depth, cross-industry research to identify suitable candidates
  • Contact potential candidates with the opportunity
  • Assess suitability through telephone and face-to face interviews
  • Prepare assessment reports and present suitable candidates to client
  • Schedule interviews for client

Stage 3

Post Interview and Follow Up

  • Consult with client to gather feedback on suitability of candidates
  • Conduct solicited reference checks
  • Assist in making offer to candidate and counsel candidate after the offer has been made
  • Follow-up with both candidate and client to ensure smooth transition when candidate commences employment